The home of chemical sciences in Scotland

Around a third of all chemical sector activity is Scotland takes place in Falkirk. The area has a rich history in Chemical Sciences innovation from the foundation of Scottish Dyes in 1919 to the present day with companies such as Calachem, Syngenta, Fujifilm and Polimeri. New innovation in sustainable and renewable chemical science products are being led by companies such as Celtic Renewables with their innovative Whisky Mash biofuel, combining two of Scotland's greatest exports, Whisky and Invention!

There are opportunities to locate here and partner with sector leading companies whilst benefiting from a highly skilled workforce and a strong collaborative environmental management approach.

Grangemouth is developing a pioneering Smart Sensor Shield for the Industrial Complex to provide additional security, resilience and monitoring to the businesses and community, using new technology to make the area the safest location for your business and one which offers unprecedented levels of control over your environmental management.

Several development sites are available within Grangemouth allowing you to locate next to bulk or fine chemicals, in close proximity to supply chain companies and with access to chemical feedstocks and customers. New infrastructure developments are producing sites that can provide your business with the site, the utilities and the support you need to locate your business here.

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