Improving infrastructure and services to sites throughout the district is achieved through the TIF scheme, which provides the Invest Falkirk team with funds to target spending in identified development areas throughout the Falkirk District. These targeted investment zones offer diverse opportunities for businesses at all levels. Sites, and enabling works to activate those sites, can be brought online as demand is established. Browse the sites identified and make contact with the Invest Falkirk team to discuss a certain site in more detail.

Tax Incremental Funding (TIF)

28 sites within the Falkirk Area have been included in the Falkirk TIF scheme. The TIF is a funding scheme designed to deliver infrastructure improvements that reduce barriers to development in and around the Targeted Investment Zones.

For example, TIF is able to fund infrastructure upgrades to the M9 motorway junctions, which in turn improve access to the Targeted investment Zones in the nearby petrochemical, logistics and tourism estates and beyond. This investment also removes Section 75 barriers to development.